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Channie Centara Cha

Channie Centara Cha, (Channie West) is the Earth Ambassador for Universal White Time Healing, and is the Head Teacher for White Time in Sweden; her native country.

Channie Cha, Channie West

Channie is an incarnated Extraterrestrial, with Archangelic qualities and more. She has had contact with Extraterrestrials since she was 5 years old. Channie is responsible for bringing UWTH to Earth and helping raise our universal and spiritual knowledge.

Channie has constant contact both physical and non-physical (soul travel) with Universal beings and has dedicated her life to helping mankind and Mother Earth.

Channie is an amazing person, patient, loving and humble in her work.

In January 2006, I had the wonderful privilege of personally meeting Channie, at a talk about New Earth. She is truly an amazing person. I have read all her Transcripts and her E.T. Diary, The Angel Diary.....I can't wait to read and learn more......

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